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Welcome to WolfBiteShop... stay a while, and listen.

Welcome to WolfBiteShop... stay a while, and listen.

Welcome to the fantasy inspired apparel, accessories and home decor store featuring detailed art, custom designed for each specific product.

My name is Zlatko Kelemenic, a professional designer/illustrator from Croatia and the proud founder of WolfBiteShop.

I was always in love with role-playing fantasy games and the fantastical Slavic and dark European mythologies which is why I wanted to create designs which depict a somewhat ominous and magical aesthetic.

The store was named WolfBiteShop because just like the curse of a Werewolf's bite the products will transform the host into a magical being and cause them to infect others with a sense of wonder and awe. So wear it with caution because the side-effects may include: awesomeness, unmatched beauty, a prehensile tail which is also on fire and the undying respect from your family and peers.

NOTE! No animals were sacrificed in order to summon these designs, only the artist's blood and sweat were used as well as 100% organic and locally sourced magic.